Entering 2069, Russ Lyons has been on the look out for ways to improve himself and reportedly has found his answers in the Ozark Mountains. Yesterday, Lyons informed yours truly, “I’ve added 10 lbs of muscle thanks to my new instructor. I wanted to add some power to my game and decided to explore my surroundings a bit. I found this little hut that has really revolutionized my body as I’m sure you can see.” Indeed, the 25 year old’s body definitely looked more sculpted, especially in his biceps.

“My goals are always the same as our club’s fans and that is to win it all at the end of the season. I’m hoping that this weightlifting will not only help myself personally but also help the ballclub in winning more games,” responded after I asked him how the weightlifting may have changed his goals for the upcoming season. “It was a lot of hard work almost non-stop for two months straight but I feel the best I’ve ever felt and look forward to the regular season.”

With the new season on the horizon, the Texas Rangers center fielder not only looks more ready to compete but also has generated a lot of buzz around locker rooms with his physique. Several confidential sources have confided in me that they may think hard about seeing if they can find the hut as well next preseason. Despite some rumblings questioning whether Lyons really made himself over through pure weightlifting, this reporter is excited to see if he can put forth a career year.