The way Bruce Grimes played baseball made the word “superstar” seem inadequate. He played the game at an even higher level and that’s why he is now one of the immortals in the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame.

Grimes played in 2420 games with a .291 lifetime batting average. Among his 2770 hits were 554 doubles, 18 triples and 600 home runs. He also scored 1489 runs and drove in 1746 runs. Grimes was 40 when he retired.

One of his teammates described the talented first baseman this way: “The greatness of Bruce Grimes was something that had to be seen… and to see him was to remember him forever.”

Bruce Grimes was inducted into the Hall of Fame today after being elected by the Baseball Writers Association.

The new Hall of Famer told the audience, “I just went out and did my job every day… and I guess I must have done it well. Thank you for the honor you have given me today.”